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pancake_syrup's Journal

23 September 1984
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i love reading, writing, and anything artistic like scrapbooking, cardmaking, drawing, painting, ect. i just love to CREATE.

i don't ever update my journal, though i may start. i created in so i could join communities, basically.

im stubborn and have too much pride, i'm shit at communication and i either love things (well, important stuff) or hate them, no inbetweens. im opinionated and a little bit selfish, sometimes i think too much, sometimes i do things without thinking at all. (im an extremist, i guess you'd say). im shy and quiet until you get to know me well. i feel uneasy and awkward in big crowds, i perfer small groups or one-on-one. i don't like bars and don't drink very often, or do drugs.

i don't beleive in god, i don't not believe. i don't have much religion, nor much use for it.

i love shopping and the rain, and babies and kittens. i love my boyfreind more than the world.

i have an eating disorder. and he's the only thing in this world that i would stop for. i scared to give it up, and i'm scared to keep it. i don't know what i am without it anymore.

but maybe its time to find out. well see.